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Breastfeeding in Public - From One Mother to Another

April 27, 2018

Is Breastfeeding in public ok?

This article is written for Cheeky Chompers by Mum of 6 - Ruth Kidenya

I am always slightly bemused by the amount of opinions there are about breastfeeding. Have your read any breastfeeding in public articles?  Why is feeding in public an issue?

It seems to bring out worst in some people. Breast or bottle? Feed in public or don’t feed in public? How long should you feed? Are they attached properly?

My approach is perhaps a little too pragmatic for some of my younger friends. "How long do you breastfeed for?” they ask, “Until they bite and won’t stop,” I say with a giggle. The look on their face is truly priceless. Does it not occur to mums that babies can use you as a chew toy? A firm “no” usually stops it, but some kids are born with a level of persistence that they must get from their father.

One friend gave me a lecture once about how ridiculous it was that people get upset about breastfeeding in public. Why should women cover up? On and on and on. I thought she was going to bust her spleen! I was a little taken back. I couldn’t care less if someone breastfed in public, it doesn’t bother me one little bit.

But after breastfeeding six kids I have learnt a couple of things I thought were worthy of sharing:

Have you met my Father? I don’t know about you…But when I am around my dad I cover up as best I can! He has five daughters it’s the least I can do. Baring my breasts around Dad still does not feel particularly comfortable (I think he would agree).

My babies always got distracted the older they were. If we were out in public with lots of noise they were often pulling off the boob to see what was going on, a little covering got the job done quicker.

My hubby has always been very proud of my boobs. Two of his favourite things about me (thinking about it now, it’s probably why we have six kids!). “Porn star boobs” he calls them when I am breastfeeding. He is almost as dewy-eyed as the babies. However, to spare his blushes, I do add a little covering, he has six kids, the stress of fighting off another suitor might do him in.

If you love baring your milky boobs in public I say “go sister!” But if you are like me, and like a quiet corner to feed your gorgeous new infant in peace, I say from one mother to another, ignore the rants and chest beating, do what works for you

Teething Chart for Baby

This is a photo of Ruth's husband and their 6th child!  Thank you for sharing your blog with Cheeky Chompers Ruth x 

Can i breastfeed in public?

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