Does your drooling #reflux or #teething baby wet through endless bibs & need a few changes of clothes every day?
Sore gums from teething as well as reflux are known to be 2 causes of endless drool leaving bibs and clothes soaked through.
If you have experienced a teething or reflux baby you will know the pain is real!
Sore gums or reflux can be very upsetting for your baby.  Having to deal with soggy bibs and wet clothes on top of the pain and discomfort, especially in winter or cooler climates,  can be very unsettling for your baby.
Does your day feel or look something like this?
Wasted Time: Your day is a mountain of washing with up to 12 bibs and 6 changes of clothes per day for your baby.
Waste of Money: You are disheartened when you spend hard earned money on bibs that soak through really quickly, they look large enough to promise they will catch the dribble but simply don’t.
Lack of Function: The bib does not lock away wetness like you need it to, it does not contain the reflux ‘smell’ to the small spew.
No Style: The bibs are not very nice looking and take over the look of your baby.
Cheeky Chompers promise to make your day better by solving these issues.
Save Time, Money and have all the functionality you will ever need with Cheeky Chompers:  
Our Neckerbibs come in a twin pack and are reversible, that is 4 bibs for $24.95. 
Our Neckerchew teething bibs are reversible and have the attached teether so that is 2 bibs and a teether for $24.95!  Our bibs do what they promise.  They have an inner layer to lock away wetness to keep baby dry.   You now save on time wasted washing all the other bibs and extra clothes.  I get asked “how absorbent are they really?” and when I received Jaimelee’s feedback I asked her for some photos to share.
“These Neckerchews are amazing. I was going through about a dozen bibs a day because of my sons drooling while teething, it was soaking through into his shirts. With the Neckerchew I can use the one bib all day, the drool doesn’t soak through! I’m going to buy some more” 
From a mother of a drooling teething baby, Jaimelee Fabri.
Did I mention Style?
Your baby will be the most stylish kid on the block wearing Cheeky Chompers.  You can choose a colour to blend in with almost any outfit or make it a feature styled by colour.  Even Ronan Keating and Giaan Rooney think Cheeky Chompers are pretty great.  Ronan & Storm Keating even took Baby Cooper to a wedding wearing his Neckerchew.