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Motherhood in the Country - How Natural Instincts Kick In

April 23, 2018

motherhood in the bush with a teething baby

Olivia Price  

How new mum Olivia P natural instincts stepped in while raising her new teething baby in the isolation of living on a station alone in North West Queensland


Motherhood in the bush


My husband and I run two cattle properties in north western Queensland, they are located three hours from each other, one being near Hughenden and the other near Pentland.  Since having our first child Charlie, things are alot more difficult in the way that I can no longer do what I use to do around the place (not without great difficulty anyway) As most mothers would understand.


Charlie and I are based near Pentland, so a little bit closer to a major town. But still go between the two places which has shown to be challenging at times, especially with a newborn. Soon as you get comfy at one place you have to up and move to the next place.  Being so isolated with my first child has been quite daunting, especially when I am on my own while the hubby is away. You cant just run down to the local shops to get something from the chemist or no one is there to ask for their opinion or helping hand, there is no doctor anywhere in the area unless you drive a couple of hours to town. You just have to hope nothing goes wrong or your baby doesn't get sick. But sometimes its inevitable. I know alot of women would be in the same situation in rural areas, you have to learn to make do with what you have and rely on yourself and your natural instincts, because there's  no one to tell you your doing it wrong. There are definitely alot of things I have learnt the hard way. I feel as though I am lucky though as a few of our friends have had babies around the same time as us, so its great we have them in our lives because we can relate to each other and their always just a phone call away.


Before Christmas last year we had worked out a great routine and Charlie was generally a happy baby most of the time. My first scare was the day before Christmas he all of a sudden turned into a completely different baby, good timing I know! He went from being a angel child to the devils child himself, I had no idea what was wrong. He wouldn't stop crying nothing would settle him down not bathing, feeding nothing. I had checked his temperature and every time I did it, it come up with a different reading so I wasn't sure if that was correct or not. Meanwhile we had family coming to stay for a few days and I had alot to prepare for Christmas lunch, but struggled to get all that done. By the end of the day Charlie was still very upset, that's when I was getting worried and thought well I will give it till tomorrow and see how he goes if he wakes up the same I might take him into hospital. Sure enough he woke up the same Christmas morning, it could not have happened at a worse time. I ended up driving him in to town two hours away first thing Christmas morning to take him to the hospital. Well it Turned out he had a bad fever, that's all they put I down to. For some that might be only small but for me a first time mum, two hours away from help, I was pretty worried! anyway they give him some Panadol and Nurofen and sent us home. He was feeling better by the next day luckily, It was not a really good first Christmas for the little man. Luckily my hubby had got everything organised for the lunch so when I arrived back lunch was all ready to go.

Since that time he has never been the same, I put it down to the forth month blues or leap and also teething!


Being so far away from a town means that Charlie will be missing out on things like sports and other social events, So it is my aim to try being involved in the community and events as much as we can. We took the trip into Hughenden for Charlie's first swimming lesson the other day, for a baby that usually loves the pool he was not a fan of all the new people. All he did was cry just about, I think it was just overwhelming to see that many people and other babies all at once. He was definitely not used to it, and I guess that's why I want him to socialise and interact with people more. I think he gets that used to just seeing mum, dad and the animals that, that's all he thinks is here.


Living on the land as a mother definitely has its challenges but is so rewarding as well. I love the fact that there's thousands of acres as our back yard, surrounded by animals, beautiful scenery and everyday is different. I hope that raising my children on the land if nothing else will teach them to be independent, respectful, appreciative, resilient and caring. I look at it also like not many people would have the opportunity to live a life like ours and for that I am truly grateful and wouldn't have it any other way.


These photos are of Charlie at five months old on the property sporting a Cheeky Chomper Teething bib. I thought I needed something that he wouldn't drop every five seconds because he couldn't really get a good grasp on things yet and kept dropping other teething toys, I had tried the gloves but he seemed to hate them being on his hand and would just rather chew them while holding them. So I ordered a couple of these bibs and thought that they would take a couple of weeks to arrive being where we live, but the package come within a week it was fantastic!. Thank you Cheeky Chompers  

Written by Olivia Price.


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